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1936 Cord "Sledge Hammer"


This vehicle has been fully developed and extensively road tested. Its completion can be tailored to accommodate the new owner's personal tastes and desires. The asking price along with a full detailed description of construction techniques and components are available upon request from interested principle buyers
by calling (541) 759-2454.


Working with automotive designer Thom Taylor, the Grand Touring Garage team has created one of the most outstanding and unique Hot Rods designs of our time.

Special touches like sculpted stainless steel exterior door handles, engine turned instrument panel and chrome plated framed pop-out front windshields add to the overall '30s theme.

Using the original Cord design concept of the rear fenders leading edge "stone guards", this unique feature has also been incorporated into the rear portion of both the front and rear fenders. Using solid brass for the inserts makes for perfect final chrome plating and matching the inserts height of the fenders' painted surfaces. These sculpted inserts bring a whole new dimension to the classic Cord body lines and pay tribute to the famous European designers of such legendary automobiles as Bugatti and Talbo Lago.

Other body modification features include retaining the original 4" round red glass tail lamp lenses, now mounted flush to the deck lid. Chopping the top 2 3/4" lowering the greenhouse area. Plus, continuing the upper door beltline along the upper side of the hood. A new center front nose section was fabricated for a more graceful transition helping direct the viewer's eyes to the Cord's trademark louvered "fence" grille. Side belly pans will also been added to assist with air flow under the car and also assisting the appearance of the vehicle sitting lower to the ground whether it's moving or stationary.


A complete full length rectangular tube chassis now replaces the original. Independent unequal length A-Arm front suspension with Penske shocks, Hyperco springs and a Speedway Engineering sway bar hold the front end to the ground. A Woodward Steering Components rack and pinion provides precise directional control.

A 4130 Chrom-Moly 4-link with Penske shocks and Hyperco springs are attached to a Chris Alston differential housing with a Strange Engineering nodular iron Ford 9" center section, with Summers Brothers 31 spline forged axles, make the long wheelbase chassis handle superbly at any speed.

Baer 6-piston calipers with slotted and cross drilled rotors and a GM Hydra-Vac unit supply the impressive stopping power.


The interior of the Cord will retain most of the original and beautifully designed '30's Art Deco style. Special touches like nickel plated door, window and head lamp crank handles, curved upper dash mounted defroster ducts, front and rear compartment chrome rimmed with frosted glass reading lamps and an engine turned instrument panel. Blending these features with such modern conveniences as a Nakamichi stereo system, air conditioning, tilt steering column, power brakes and steering, plus using a combination of leather and fine Italian Gabardine materials and English Wilton wool carpet, surrounded by custom carbon fiber door sill plates, all come together to insure an elegant cabin atmosphere.


A GM Performance high nickel alloy engine block was used as the base, with a Crower stroker forged crankshaft, making this engine a 383 cubic inch small block. J&E pistons hang on Oliver forged rods; Dart aluminum cylinder heads house Ferrara Titanium valves with Crower roller rockers and camshaft. A Mooneyham 6:71 blower running at 15% under drive and the Enderle 3-port injector hat both supply the boost and fresh air. Fuel management is handled by 16 Buick Grand National fuel nozzles via a custom designed Mercedes-Benz ECU unit by Lee Performance. Using Mercedes-Benz components, assures the Cord's engine vitals complete accuracy and sensitivity to cold and hot start situations, plus fuel/air mixture and any altitude compensations every 200 RPM. The result is an engine that starts, idles and runs throughout its complete 6,500 RPM range as smoothly as any current engine.

The engine produces 612 hp and 587 ft. of torque on 91 Octane pump gas and has been tested from sea level up to 8,500 feet above, without missing a beat. It is truly a reliable engine you can drive anywhere. Mileage has been recorded as follows: 11 City and 16 Highway.

The final exhaust note produced by the custom Rod Sexton stainless steel long tube headers, Bassani mufflers and the NASCAR style side exits is pleasurably unforgettable.


A new GM Turbo TH400 transmission was utilized for its known strengths and easy of operation. With a final drive ratio of 4:10 and 29" tall rear tires, make this a very easy automobile to drive.


Custom designed one-off wheels are now being developed in a style befitting the Art Deco theme of the automobile.